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2016 April Show

OzSGA 2016 April Show Review....

April 17 Jam Session Review

The April 17th, Sunday was a great day for our local get together. The ladies all brought some wonderful snacks for us and the weather was gorgeous!

We had several players and some singers as well as our marvelous band to assist them.

The music was started by Eddie Lane with "Crazy Arms"...up next was Mike Squires with "I Love You Because"... then our VP Charlie Steichen started with "Together Again"..great did fabulous for your first time in joining our jams. We had another new player this time, Ken Burford, who chose "Silver Wings"...welcome to the group Ken..

(dang computer went down and I missed the next 3 guys...sorry guys)

Eddie Lane then chose "Borrowed Angel" and Buddy Lewis sang...great job guys!.....Mike Squires chose "Maiden's Prayer" for his round...Jeremiah Hanley did great on "My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You”...

After a short break for snacks the players gathered again ..Eddie Lane and Jeremiah chose the ever popular "Steel Guitar Rag"..way to go..! Next Buddy Lewis pleased the crowd with "Why Me Lord" while Eddie Lane sang backup... David Dean White then played "I Still Miss Someone"...Eddie Lane chose "Way To Survive".....beautiful Mike Squires selected the "Panhandle Rag" which is another crowd favorite! Charlie Steichen's choice was "Shenandoah"...lovely solo Charlie... Ken Burford selected "Midnight In Amarillo"..Steve Melchi started off..."Take Me As I Am" great one Steve.....Buddy Lewis then sang "My Window Faces The South"..David Dean chose...."Bluegrass Breakdown"....Terry thanked everyone for coming...then Eddie Lane played the always beautiful "Secret Love"......Mike Squires started the "Bootheel Rag"....Charlie Steichen sang "Leaving and Saying Goodbye" for us and Eddie Lane started off "Sweet Memories"... after which David Dean White chose the famous "Bud's Bounce"......while everyone joined together for "Amazing Grace".....Next up Eddie Lane chose "Columbus Stockade Blues"......Buddy Lewis then pleased the crowd with a beautiful job on "Your Cheatin' Heart".....Ken Burford started off the old standard "Five Foot Two"....David Dean White suggested "The Wild Side Of Life"....Eddie Lane selected "Night Life" while Russ Burns sang along. The final song of the day was Steve Melchi's choice of "C Jam Blues"....Great job guys and look forward to all of you returning on June 19 for another great Jam!! I'm sorry if I missed anyone or misspelled a name...

A big thanks to Terry, Charlie, Rosemary, Jeremiah, and Venda for all the work they do for the Association! Thanks ladies for the fabulous food and thanks to Buddy and Russ for backing the players. Thanks also for all the players who were able to join us.....Last but not least thank you to the wonderful crowd of about 25 people who came out to support all the guys!

See everyone in June....

Martha J Randall (Behind The Scene Promotions)
& Terry Bethel (President OzSGA)

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