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2010 Mini Show- 2/27/10


by Bill Myrick - Another great one with great weather conditions ! The Branson Community Center was the scene, pickin' and fellowship was the agenda with a great noon potluck.

The Association designated the day as "The Official Buck Grantham Day" as a tribute to him and lovely wife/photographer Mitzi, for their many years of contribution to the steel guitar world and events.

Vice President Charlie Steichen and
Chaplain/Treasurer Jerry Hanley welcome
the crowd of 85 to 90 people

The OzSGA has designated today as "Buck Grantham Day"

President Terry Bethel & Charlie Steichen present Buck with a plaque commemorating the day

Terry Bethel presents plaque to Mitzi Grantham

Buck's Plaque

Mitzi's Plaque

Great Back up Band Dino Strunk, Adam Guidry and Randy McConnel

A special thanks to member Buddy Lewis for providing and operating the P A System

Jerry & Donna Newberry with grandson Austin Stewart on bass.

Mike McGee with Max King on bass and vocals.

Jerry & Carlene Roller

Austin Stewart with Grandma, Donna and Dad, Randy on bass.

The "Denham Springs Flash" Mr Buck Grantham

Gene & Gayla Erlene Crain

Terry Bethel with Phil Coontz on vocals

Tyler Hall with Phil Coontz on vocals

Robby Springfield with Phil Coontz on bass.

Scotty Henderson with M.C. and vocalist Mr Rob Parker. Phil Coontz on bass.

A great pot luck lunch

Lots of "goodies" too.